Dagos - ten years backwards

After eight or nine months, the Momentum was finished, just in time for the CES show. I started to assemble the four first amps, but there was so much clear coating on the cases, the heatsinks didn’t fit! I spent hours trying everything until finally, I went to my garage, got some carpenter clamps, put cloth around the heatsinks, tightened and tightened until ‘bang’ they fitted. This was five-thirty AM and we had to leave at six! I was worn out when I went to that show, but all four amplifiers worked, and they looked great.

It was a little weird how prudish I am until I have a little alcohol. Even as girls we'd make screwdrivers, take them to school in our lunches and after a few sips we'd hike up our skirts, of coarse us girls just happened to be wearing our fanciest panties not the usual thick cotton ones. It drove the boys wild (and a few of the girls too) every Friday, lol.

After completing the truck, the Schwabs brought it to the Goodguys show in Loveland, Colorado, for its debut, which is where we met up with them and picked the truck for one of our Finest Five awards. The family is still in shock over having the truck turn out so nice, but they know Rocco wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dagos - Ten Years BackwardsDagos - Ten Years BackwardsDagos - Ten Years BackwardsDagos - Ten Years Backwards